@globalnewyorker is the quintessential New Yorker's guide to the globe. A travel & city guide curated by Anjelika Kour.


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In the spirit of exploration and finding things to love, we built our very own in-house travel app using the latest design and development practices. @globalnewyorker offers users a curated guide to numerous cities around the world and rounds up the best of what they have to offer. From Hong Kong to Medellin, we put out feelers so you don't have to. 


Apply the trend-setting and envelope-pushing qualities of New York City to the concept of traveling in style and you come to understand @globalnewyorker a little better. Along those lines, we designed an app that is equally dynamic, bold, and pragmatic. To activate a stylish lift-off we combined signature brand elements, a classic black and red palette, and the Lato sans-serif typeface, just to name a few. 


We laid out an intuitive structure and flow to empower users to easily browse between diverse categories, search by cities, and share their experiences. Adding smart motion and scroll actions we created an interface that is fun to navigate and easy to traverse. Last but not least, our development team helped bring all of this to life and we are proud to say @globalnewyorker is available in app stores now.  

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