A story of 3+ years of working with a disruptive startup

The Transformation of Snailz

In 2017, DigitalDesign.NYC came across an interesting startup looking to completely innovate and disrupt the nail salon industry (as well as other beauty service providers). 

In January, 2018 - we began working with the founder of Snailz to understand and redefine the brand, the consumer-facing technology, the salon backend software, and the industry as a whole. 

Here is what happened...

In 2017, when we met the client - there was only a mobile App and it looked like this: 
Screenshots of Snailz 1.0 App

In 2018 Q1, we created Snailz 2.0 - a new re-branded version of the great nail booking platform built for mobile. 
Snailz 2.0 RED Branding - DigitalDesign.NYC Marketing Collateral Examples

In 2018 Q2, we re-built the mobile app entirely and it was relaunched & was a CEW Beauty Awards Winner:

Throughout 2018, backend and functionality continued to grow and be updated by DigitalDesign.NYC.

In the end of 2018 Q4, we launched Snailz Web Booking platform, completely matching the mobile app functionality: 

In 2019, the app continued to grow and attract new clients on both the salon and customer side. Reaching 400 salons at the peak of the summer months. 
And now in 2021, we are re-launching Snailz into a sophisticated 3.0 Brand: