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📍 DigitalDesign.NYC Launches a new Bespoke Branding & Web Division!

by DigitalDesign.NYC Team

Our team is excited to share what we've been diligently working on for the past few months - a new division focusing on branding and creative web design for businesses in a wide range of industries. Amongst others - our team has been emphasizing businesses in the Medical, Corporate, Real Estate, Lifestyle, Architecture, and Photography fields, amongst others.   

DigitalDesign.NYC, now, has a dedicated division of creatives focusing on realizing the branding and web vision needs of growing businesses around the world.

Of course, as always - our team has the capability not only to design a unique vision for your business but to also fully develop those designs. Our development includes all the functional integrations for your business from online booking to a CMS for blog writing. Our team is well versed in integrating APIs such as Booker, MindBody, Open Table, Seven Rooms, and more.

In 2021, our team has won several accolades from multiple prestigious award-giving bodies such as Clutch, Designrush, and Goodfirms throughout the year. Just Q4 of 2021 alone, two of our branding and web creative efforts have been recognized on aWWWards:

@globalnewyorker Branding + Web Design receives an Honorable Mention on aWWWards

UMMA Bot Nominated for Site of the Day on aWWWards

The year 2021 has also been a good one for DigitalDesign.NYC in terms of client praise.  In addition to the awards and recognitions, the team has earned a total of 29 reviews - all of which are five stars:
DigitalDesign.NYC Team has received dozens of 5-star reviews on the web!
These reviews validate all of our claims that a company filled with dedicated talent and competent leadership can rise above any obstacle. We appreciate every piece of feedback given to us by our partners and strive to meet their ever-growing expectations. However, the effect these reviews and ratings have are more far-reaching than simple word of mouth. We’ve hardly missed a step and proved the quality of our services repeatedly as these reviews clearly show. Our team appreciates each and every one of them as they represent a fully-satisfied partner that wants to share their positive experience with the rest of the world.

You can follow many of the DigitalDesign.NYC latest news and updates  also on the DigitalDesign.NYC's Instagram Page:
And read about us on the news: Website RFP Editorial.

Starting our journey from Web UI building back in 2015, and focusing on web/mobile + app platform product creation over the past 7 years - we are excited to announce the launch of this new bespoke branding and web design effort. Keeping our ethos to UI/UX, accessibility, thorough QA, and lightning-fast app-building hasn't shifted. It is a pleasure to expand and grow with these new amazing partners throughout 2021 and on. 

Looking for new branding or a creative website to represent your business in 2022? Our dedicated team of creatives is here to answer all your questions. Email to get started! 🎉