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8 Web Design Trends that Ensure Website Success in 2023

by DD.NYC®

If you are a web designer and have the ability to foresee the future, then you run the show. And people who run the show have a specific responsibility toward the audience. The audience doesn’t expect anything less than a show that will make them think about it even after it is over.

Thus, below mentioned are 8 website design trends that will ensure website success in 2023:

         Asymmetric designs

Perfect and symmetric designs are boring and mundane. Even the moon looks beautiful because it is imperfect and full of acne on its face. Despite this being poetic, it is true. People relate to imperfect beauty, and they will relate to a website that has asymmetric designs. Website design is like an atmosphere where nothing symmetric attracts.

         Text distortion

Text distortion is not a new concept but bringing crispness to it makes the website design look better. Again, this is not something everyone can pull off but the ones who do know how to enhance the website with it creatively. There are various types of text distortion that can make the website pleasing to the eyes, and users will want to explore its whole.

Then again, depending on the type of product the brand is selling, fonts should be decided. If a person owns a gaming website, then the glitched fonts work best, but if at all the person owns a boutique store, then the glitch doesn’t work. But infusing it correctly might work out in the favor of boutique brands. The key is to align other factors and variables with it.  


Glassmorphism is the newest kind of a trend that is gaining immense popularity rapidly. It includes a vivid colored background which is morphed by frosted glass giving it the effect of glass morphism. It should be used with the designer's best judgment as it ruins the aesthetics of the website if overused.

This trend goes best with lively and bright colors. It doesn’t matter whether you go with a single–colored screen or a combination of colors; you can morph the glass effect into anything. There is no strict rulebook, just like any other art, as to how to infuse this trend into the website, but the skilled experts liketop graphic designing companies can do it best.

         Creative typography

Typography is an arrangement of letters and words in a manner that makes coherent sense. And creative typography is the text put in a way that attracts users. It should be visually appealing, involving the appearance, structure, and font style; it should evoke certain kinds of emotions in them.

Deciding on the fonts, size, and color should be directly proportional to the type of product the brand sells. Typography isn’t just about choosing a beautiful and practical font because it is the critical component of user interface design. Thus, it helps to establish a solid visual hierarchy which helps set the tone of the overall website.

         Thumb-friendly mobile navigation

The website should be designed in such a manner that it can have thumb-friendly navigation. According toStatista, 30 to 80% of people use mobile to navigate websites, and if it is not convenient to use, they'll abandon the website. This might increase the bounce rate and decrease the credibility of the website. Thus, designing the website thumb-friendly will make it easier for people to navigate.

There are three types of mobile-friendly websites:

·           Left thumb-friendly website

·           Right thumb friendly website

·           Neutral website

The safest bet is to design a website that is designed keeping in mind all three options because the audience of your brand can be comfortable with any.

         Personalized content/Storytelling

Personalization is not a new concept, and if you must have seen waitpersons addressing people by name when they are the regulars. Or even local shopkeepers know many of their customers. Thus, people relate better to the content that feels personalized to them. Everyone appreciates good storytelling content which is not only informative but shows what struggles they have gone through.

Putting emotions in the content engages people more and encourages them to think of the brand as human and not artificial or robotic. The recommendations, offers, discounts, etc. which are exclusively for a particular set of customers; who want to attract and retain customers. The design of the website with personalized content enhances the look of the website.


Videos increase the credibility of the website. Thus, they should have to fit it into the website in a manner that it doesn't bother them, yet it leaves an influential mark on the website visitors. Creative videos will instantly liven up the website and catch the user’s attention.

The explainer’s video is about explaining what a brand is about without having to use unnecessary words. But overdoing it might have a negative effect on the users and damage the page's readability.

To have the correct kind of videos for your brand on the website, you must take meetings withtop video animation companies. When you explain to them your requirements, they will try to match your expectations.

         White space

White space is not just white space. If used correctly, it can give a neat, thoughtful, and intelligent look to the website. A crowded website confuses people as to how to navigate the website, and they have to dig in to find what they want. White space is like the glue that binds everything together and doesn’t let it all fall apart.

The best example of white space

It improves the readability and scanning quality of the website. It improves the flow of the content, and the user will want to continue browsing the website instead of abandoning it. It will give them the time to process the information they read. Not just this, it oozes out sophistication and luxury, with which large brands are pretty lenient.

Rolling down the curtain:

The web design trends of 2023 prioritize people's likes and attraction – points as opposed to what brands what. A website should be pleasing to people, and there is no substitute for that. Whether people like parallax scrolling or creative cursor, brand websites need to give it to them.

Investing in website design is one of the most important favors you can do for your brands. And to do so, you must hire one of the top web design companies for your brand. Make your website the influential and effective face of your brand because that is what will attract users to your brick-and-mortar store.    

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Myra Williams is a content creator for more than 7 years. She writes digital articles for GoodFirms. When she is not writing, she reads classic literature, enjoys drinking coffee, and spends time with her family.