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DesignRush ranks DigitalDesign.NYC as Top 20 Agencies in NYC

Annual Award for 2021 of Top New York Digital Companies

DesignRush 2021 ratings are out and DigitalDesign.NYC ranked in 20 Top Digital Companies in New York!DigitalDesign.NYC was founded by Anjelika Kour is 2015 while helping  a number of tech products creation in NYC. Headquartered in Soho, Manhattan - DigitalDesign.NYC works with clients big and sma...

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The Transformation of Snailz

A story of 3+ years of working with a disruptive startup

In 2017, DigitalDesign.NYC came across an interesting startup looking to completely innovate and disrupt the nail salon industry (as well as other beauty service providers). In January, 2018 - we began working with the founder of Snailz to understand and redefine the brand, the consumer-facing te...

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DigitalDesign.NYC Featured as a Top Web Design Company on Superbcompanies

Annual Award in the Web Design Companies category for 2021

Websites are a critical part of a business's success and image. Excellent web design has become a business gateway to finding clients, establishing your brand, and standing out from competitors. In fact, the success and performance of your website depend on your users' first 2-3 seconds of intera...

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DigitalDesign.NYC is a 5-Star Women-Owned Company on Clutch

Design is king — or in this case, design is the queen.

Design is king — or in this case, design is the queen. Here in DigitalDesign.NYC, we help your company stand out from the rest of the crowd through our amazing website and mobile app design works. Based in the heart of Soho, our team is filled with creative and talented individuals that are commi...

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We've Been Featured on GoodFirms!

‘Partner” Approach in Projects is what Gives them an Extra Edge,’ Says Founder Anjelika Kour

Incorporated in 2015, and headquartered in the US, DigitalDesign.NYC offers high-performing, flexible mobile apps and web development services to clients, globally. The company aims at innovative  processes to deliver services that’ll help consumers expand their company. Besides, they take on a “...

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Productivity Hacks from our Founder

Optimizing your screen, email, and process

For our First Post, I decided to share my list of our absolutely favorite productivity tools for screen, email, and any work process optimization. Some of these, I simply cannot live without and got the whole team totally hooked on.⚡️ Screen Productivity Tools❏ Spectacle App - Move and Resize all...

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