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DigitalDesign.NYC is a full service boutique agency based out of New York City. We work directly with you to fulfull your creative endeavors into a fully functional revenue producing product. Not only do we design and develop your app we also offer to handle your design and business-related needs as a service. Our capabilities include but are not limited to Responsive Web design, Mobile Apps (iOS, Android), UI/UX, Branding + Logo, Social media management & design, General graphic design, Front-end, Back-end, and Full-stack capabilities.
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At DigitalDesign.NYC we think design should be fun, but we also take it very seriously. Design is not only about how something looks, but also how it feels, flows, and functions. What we build you is a fully functional user-friendly product. We help with everything from MVP to Version 2.0 and beyond. Even after your product is designed, developed, and shipped out to the masses the design work is not done.
We offer social media management services. We will design your posts, caption them, and time them so they are exposed to the most users. Need business cards? Advertisements? How-to’s? We do those too. By using DigitalDesign.NYC you can be confident that we will treat your creation with the utmost respect as we do all our products. You will never have to worry about design another day in your life. Leave that to us.
Responsive Web
Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)
Branding & Logo
Bussiness Collaterals
Social Media


Once the design of your product has passed the prototyping stage and passed your final review then it’s time to move onto development. This is where all that time discussing design and functionality really pay off. We take the development process and make it easy for you to understand and for us to implement. We offer to every client a fully open testing process where you take part in testing every step of development. By having a constant feedback loop we squash bugs and fix issues meaning when you’re product releases you can sit back and celebrate instead of spending the night putting out fires.
We host you on our own AWS and when you’re ready to be on your own we help move everything over. Want to take care of everything yoursefl? We can help you with that by building a tailored administrative toolset, so you can manage users, posts, and see how your product is doing.
Data Tracking
Admin Access
Server Setup
Test Versions